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Gnomemansland® has no intention of infringing or benefiting from the sale of any protected copyright or trademark.

Gnomemansland® and their representatives have consulted with the Intellectual Property Office (http://www.ipo.gov.uk/tm.htm) to ensure to the best of our ability that no copyright or trademark infringements have been made.

If you believe Gnomemansland® is in any way in breach of any copyrighted materials please advise us at enquiries@gnomemansland.co.uk and we will remove any such material with immediate effect.

Gnomemansland® have endeavoured to the best of our ability to place all copyrighted items within the Tribute Gallery section of our website which is a specific "Not For Sale" area.
If you wish Gnomemansland® to remove any copyrighted materials from this specific "Not For Sale" Tribute Gallery area, please advise us at enquiries@gnomemansland.co.uk and we will remove with immediate effect.

If you are the owner of copyrighted material contained within our "Tribute Gallery" and would consider entering into a joint partnership to explore any potentially mutually beneficial opportunities then we would welcome any enquiries at enquiries@gnomemansland.co.uk


All enquiries, please contact us at enquiries@gnomemansland.co.uk

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